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Instead, the lyric "I said no, no, no" becomes a quirky line that doesn't really mean anything. I was the one who was right there beside her, in the thick of it. It felt like she was saying: “My dad and I think you're an idiot.” After Back to Black came out, the only person who could have shut the whole thing down and helped to get her health back on track was her father. Admittedly, they weren't famous, and perhaps that made the difference.

I adored her, we were so close, and I felt very protective of her. I wasn't in the picture and her health was nosediving, but at the same time everyone was starting to recognise her as an artist and sing along to "Rehab". And in a sad way, I think that was what she had always wanted. My advice to anyone dealing with an addict is to go and talk to a really good counsellor.

She started going to the pub more and more, and then she met Blake. I started to get repeated phone calls from her at 2 or 3 AM, with her in bits, crying.

I found myself driving round Camden two or three times a week, knocking on pub doors and seeing if there were lights on, trying to imagine which way she had walked home.

We're not going anywhere until you've acknowledged there is a problem, and until you realise that, I'm not going to be around.” Amy reacted badly. I took her to her father's house in Bluewater, but when we got there they turned on me. He told me to look at her and see that she didn't need rehab. She's just getting used to her career, and growing up, becoming a woman.

It was the first time in six years where there was a gap: we'd achieved the record deal, we'd recorded the album and promoted it. From the age of 16 until she was 22 she had been solely focused on her career.

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