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Keram knows that The Situation wanted to beat The Living Shit out of Tammy for assuming he was gay, but knew that doing so would be career suicide and thus politely rebuffed her advances.Keram knows that Marc Cherry hadn't planned to end "Desperate Housewives" after this season, but that ABC announced a preemptive ending (actually a cancellation) out of worry that Nicollette Sheridan's harassment lawsuit not only has merit, but that it's only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as far as Cherry's "odd" treatment of women on set goes.If this, "She was dropped from the upcoming "Avengers" movie, by the way, after foolishly putting the moves on happily married director Joss Whedon." is true, I'm bummed. This is not Keram, the original Keram that actually posted legit gossip has long gone and has been replaced with posters pretending.I really like Paltrow's performance as Pepper Potts. Studios wouldn't have touched Bomer with a 10 ft pole for Superman because he is out around HW circles.Missteps like this exposes the frauds that post here. Wow, R20, you are SPECTACULARLY full of shit:[quote]Studios wouldn't have touched Bomer with a 10 ft pole for Superman because he is out around HW circles.He was ALREADY CAST by Brett Ratner and then mysteriously dropped (the studio claimed it was because Ratner himself dropped the project, but that didn't stop *two* of the people Ratner was talking to - Routh and Cavill - from later being cast by other directors), plus back in 2003 nobody in Hollywood knew who the fuck he was until they did some investigating.[quote]He wasn't cast as Superman when the fake Keram posted that fanfic about Jake flying from London to Ireland fro the alleged trysts which would have been in 2008.This Keram is a fangirl from Jake's online fandom and one that doesn't remember what she spun the last time.

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Keram knows that Liam Neeson and his horsehung cock have, regrettably, returned to the world of heterosexual sex, but that Liam has no regrets about his widower interlude into homosexualist relations.

Keram knows how awfully strange it is for a gay man in charge of a show about housewives to be such a virulent misogynist, but also knows how clearly anti-feminist and anti-female the show is if you look back at its characters and plots in-depth.