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25-Nov-2017 17:12

“I’m part of the new era of porn,” she tells The Post. We’re not victims of rape, not drug addicts, we don’t have any daddy issues.” About half the women in porn have similarly “normal” life experiences before entering the industry, especially now that porn is increasingly mainstream, she says.

Born in Manhattan, Akira lived with her mother and father, both Japanese immigrants, in Soho.

“Once in a while I think I should go see a shrink to figure this out.

But part of me just doesn’t want to know.” She remembers taking a book out of the library about the reproductive system when she was in first grade and asking her dad, who was clearly uncomfortable with the request, to read it to her. It’s Me, Margaret” — a story of a girl’s sexual awakening, read by multitudes of young women with flashlights under their bed covers — left a “huge impression” on her. Akira was 13 when her family moved back stateside to Downtown Brooklyn and later Clinton Hill.

She was educated at the private United Nations International School in Manhattan.

There was an upside: “It pretty much guarantees me work until the day I quit, since there’s always a shortage of Asian girls in the business.” She overcame her role as the “token Asian” by becoming a celebrated act in “Gonzo porn” — shot in close-up without much plot — for her extreme sex acts. “Almost every time I shoot a sex scene, I fall a little bit in love,” she writes. Weight issues are inevitable in a field where the average woman is 5 feet 5 and weighs 117 pounds.

She decided to keep this new life from her parents, even though she found it highly unlikely that it would remain a secret. Six months in, she got a phone call: “’We saw your video,’” they said. Instead of doing drugs and drinking, she consumes salads and smoothies, and practices yoga.

Her mother stayed home to take care of Akira, an only child, and later returned to work in the nonprofit world.

Akira attended private preschool at Chelsea Day School.A friend hooked her up with a gig at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, a gentlemen’s club off the West Side Highway. There, she met porn star Gina Lynn, who offered her on-camera work. I’m an only child, didn’t want to break my parents’ hearts,” she says.

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