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As Lucas and Haley are coming to the end of their waterfight, Lucas notices something under Haley's shirt.

On her lower back, Haley has gotten a tattoo that Lucas finds out is the jersey number of Nathan.

Brooke davis quotes about dating funny charts about family Pinterest You may have noticed by now that the swami spoke on difficult abstract philosophical concepts and the Swede told biographical stories .

Haley tells him she got the tattoo because she is in love with him and can't stop thinking about it, but the thing is, she isn't sure he loves her back. Nathan ends up jumping in with Peyton and they begin having a laugh in the pool, splashing each other and getting along, which they haven't done for a long time.

Nathan mentions that their relationship was based on sex and that it never meant anything, Peyton sees this as him asking for sex, but turns down the offer, she says he was good and everything but he shouldn't do that to Haley.

A jealous Haley begs Peyton to bid on him as she doesn't want anyone else with him, and Peyton ends up getting Nathan for the night.

As Nathan is sold, Brooke runs in the auction room finding she has missed her chance.

Taking this as a hint, Tim strips down to his underwear and walks in on Deb cleaning the bath.

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Mehmood's character of a southern music masterji in Padosan invited a lot of criticism when it released in 1968 for making a caricature of Tamils in order to induce humour.… continue reading »

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