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After crossing the junction you'll see a car park to the left and the red icon can be found here. This can only be obtained by completing the flying school missions which are unlocked after puchasing the abandoned airstrip during the mission "Verdant Meadows". You can alternatively use the new jump and grab feature to jump onto the booth in front of the airport gates, then jump over the fence and grab a plane.

El Quebrados, Desert - Right in the center of the town you'll find Ammu Nation. Royal Casino, Las Venturas - Right in the middle of the Royal Casino square is the floating icon for 2 player in Las Venturas. To do this, park a vehicle in front of the booth and jump on it.

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You'll have the opportunity to meet Michelle Cannes (- & -) at driving school in San Fierro, Helena Wankstein (- & -) in Blueberry on the Ammu-Nation range balcony, Barbara Schternvart (-) in the police parking lot in El Quebrados, and Katie Zhan (-) in Avispa Country Club in San Fierro.Wenn ihr keine Lust habt, wieder mit ihr tanzen zu gehen, dann lasst sie einfach Drive-Bys auf feindliche Gangmitglieder machen und nach einigen (ca.