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30-Sep-2017 03:39

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Returning home to face justice, Jimmy Frasier discovers there is more to his case than It seems.

Struggling to put the past behind him, he begins working to repair the damage his actions have caused to the community, while Eugene focuses in on the source of the threat.

Jessica isn’t really into women, but she plans to work off some of her rent in bed with the landlady. Hypnotizing Jessica to make her more receptive seemed like such an elegant solution.

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When a villainess seeking revenge strikes, will it be the final push to send her over the edge?Luminaire joins with new friends to save the day, racing against the clock trying to save the city even as she herself begins to succumb.

Reef, in particular, is introduced as a person no one can like; he’s belligerent, unrepentant, and destructive.… continue reading »

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The Pew Research Center recently found that about 40 percent of unmarried adults believe that marriage is becoming obsolete.… continue reading »

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Originally she was asked to record a song with R&B Group Jagged Edge, but eventually was offered a solo contract.… continue reading »

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