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I used to be into movies, but that slowly died down due to two things: I became a gamer and realized that they do better storytelling than movies and there just aren't that many movies that interest me nowadays and I don't really have the money.

Pretty much I'm just me, with a bit..alot of a nerdy side.

Even the parts aimed more at adults that the kids don't "get" are still funny to them by way of expression and delivery.

The writing and quirkiness of the characters is brilliant.

R&R Rated T for violence and words Mordecai finally gets a 'date' with Margaret, but how will things turn out when he suddenly has the courage to confess his true feelings? Mordecaix Margaret, Rigbyx Eileen On the eve of their first date, Margaret asks Mordecai to do a solid for her, which transpires into a series of incredibly wonderful events that forever changes their relationship. Read this heartwarming tale and have a wonderful Christmas. Mordecai and Margaret decide it's about time these two went on a date, so they set up a double date. So, buckle up for some rain-drenched action in Heavy Rain: Storytime Edition.

A tastefully-written, intimate Mx M romance.7 months after Joe was locked up, he comes back to reek his horrible vengeance upon the ones who put him there... When Pops finds a homeless family and takes them in for the holidays. CHAPTER 6 IS UPThe day started out simple enough, just her that same brown haired, short, and loving mole standing behind the counter, coming to terms with her life and the boy who might never love her..all can change in only a matter seconds.

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So enter Regular Show: the characters are all entertaining and the unique brand of humor makes it a hit with kids and adults.

Matter a fact if you were to put me as a Sims 3 character, my five traits would be: Artistic, Friendly, Good Sense of Humor, Ambitious.

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