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You don't have to finish these stages but, like the boss battles, they also have a reward waiting upon their successful completion such as a life-meter extension.Hayato can take a reasonable number of hits from enemies before losing a life but some take more energy than others. I have, as you might imagine since I'm writing about it, but I still find myself troubled as to deciding what genre it actually is.Most reviews and articles on the internet seem to think it's a platform game, as does as least one reader of this very blog who complained about its absence from the 'Top Five Master System Platform Games' feature. I've always categorised a platform game as one in which the emphasis is on traversing platforms rather than being troubled by what's on them. I would have to say it's more of a run 'n' gun game, even though it features no guns, since the emphasis of the gameplay is more on defeating the enemies that are on the platforms. Well, whatever genre it belongs to, it's another one of those games I always wondered about all those years ago but have only come to play fairly recently.The detail is also very impressive and this all helps to create a superbly authentic atmosphere which is complemented nicely by the decent soundtrack which mostly consists of slow, moody tunes that suit the action well.The animation isn't quite so hot though and Hayato looks quite amusing as he runs along.This can also be difficult though as some enemies will appear right on top of you giving you little chance of avoiding or killing them, at least before you've lost some precious life.The other major reason(s) for the game's difficulty are the boss battles which really are battles!

I'm a brazilian videogame enthusiast, being a Master System fan for more than two decades (like you guys might know, the console was very popular here).The first one is a spinning 'fire wheel' (with a skull in the middle, of course, for maximum scariness) which whirls around the screen spitting deadly blue fire everywhere.

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