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NATO forces were to be identified as Nazis and Fascists, and bomb attacks were to be described as "murderous destruction," "criminal aggression," or a "killing orgy." The regime quickly moved against leading independent media, including Radio B92, the flagship station of the national Association of Independent Electronic Media (ANEM) network.

The Federal Ministry of Information closed B92 on March 24, alleging that the station was not licensed to broadcast such a powerful signal.

He was the only local editor to cease publication rather than submit to censorship.

On April 5, six days before two masked gunmen killed Curuvija in Belgrade as he and his wife were returning home from a stroll, state television denounced the publisher as a traitor who supported NATO's attack.

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President Slobodan Milosevic first used the threat of war, then an actual war, and finally international hostility toward his regime to justify the use of government censorship and crippling fines to decimate Serbia's various independent media.

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In March, as NATO air strikes grew imminent, authorities in Belgrade imposed enormous fines on several media outlets under the Serbian Information Law.

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