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It agrees with the hydrogeological features of the Miocene sequence and its tectonic instability and the numerous intervening unconformity surfaces with the biogeochemical mechanisms of sulfur origin in moderate temperature diagenetic environments.(1) BP-Egypt, Cairo, Egypt (2) Landmark Graphics Corp, Cairo, Egypt (3) BP Egypt, Houston, TX Use of Landmark’s Knowledge Management System software, coupled with ARCVIEW GIS, has resulted in at least a six-month gain in productivity for BP-Egypt’s Business Unit Nile Regional Team.The quality of the interpretations has been increased and the regional mapping products have become “living documents”.

Abundant cavities detected in the vicinity of sulfur deposits can be formed by thermal karstification, which is one of the most important processes controlling the formation and redistribution of the sulfur deposits in Gemsa area.

Linkage areas represent deficit-nodes for ruptures. Generally, displacement cessates due south where the northern major displacement exceeded the rate of deposition and shows extensive drags and thrusts.

Baba fault-system merges at depth and along-strike with major rift-coastal fault, which forms an intra-basinal ridge separating two different basinal-segments.

Furthermore, the attempts to place these reservoir units into a sequence stratigraphic framework were failed because of the lack of available detailed sedimentological and paleontological data, plus the poor quality of seismic data over the field.

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The purpose of this study has been to construct a detailed micro-multi zones (flow units) geological and petrophysical model of the reservoir in the field. Ras Fanar structure is an elongated horst block trending north west-south east and tilted to the north east, the structure is dissected by some Aquaba trending cross faults.

The occasional presence of silicification is a rather good indication for thermal karstification processes.