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09-Jul-2017 07:22

Choosing the sex of the baby for non-therapeutic reasons in assisted reproductive treatments is not permitted by Spanish law In Spain people will continue to ask pregnant mothers the usual question “Is it a girl or a boy? Before initiating assisted reproductive treatment, some couples consider the issue of choosing the sex of the baby. In most cases the reasons are personal and do not respond to therapeutic reasons.In this situation, the Spanish legislation – as in most European countries- is quite clear: not only is it forbidden to select the sex of the baby for so-called “social” reasons, but doing so is considered a “very serious offence”.As a result, healthy embryos are identified, regardless of their sex chromosome.“In Spain no medical centre can select the sex of a child to eliminate the risk of transmitting diseases.Until only a few years ago, to prevent the birth of children affected by hereditary diseases linked to gender, the embryos implanted in the woman’s uterus were selected depending on the sexual chromosome.Consequently, for example, if it was known that a disease would affect the male children of a couple carrying the disease, all the embryos with the male chromosome were discarded even though it was assumed that they might include healthy ones.

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