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Google Book Search helps readers discover the world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. The reader will appreciate the probability of this story when he considers how likely it was that the Cak- chiquel nobles would seek to deter Alvarado from proceeding; against their national enemies. Even the rainy season, which has just set in, should not deter him, though his difficulties wotdd be greatly increased thereby.You can search through the full text of this book on the web at | //books .google .com/I ■n THE WORKS OF HUBERT HOWE BANCROFT. Starting southward, then, from Itzcuintlan, the first difficulty encoimtered by the army was the River * Jttarro B states that this -wm a nu^t attack, and that the inhabitants were aslee]^ when the Spaniards entered; Benial Dias says that it oocnrred in the morning.

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Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. Andr^ Niflo and his Spice Islands — Fails to Obtain Authority to Dis- cover — ^Applies to Gil Gonzalez Ddvila — Agreement with the King — Royal Order for the Ships of Vasco Nuflez — Pedrarias Refuses to Deliver Them — Gil Gonzalez Transports Ships across the Moun- tains — Embarks from the Pearl Islands — Gil Gonzalez Proceeds by Land and Niflo by Sea — ^Visit to Nicoya — And to Nicaragua — ^The Captain-general Converts many Souls — And Gathers much Gold — Fight with Diriangen — ^Nicaragua Apostatizes — ^The Spaniards Ter- minate the Discovery and Hasten to their Ships — Niflo's Voyage to Fonseca Bay — Return to Panami. tion of affection.*^ Perhaps one reason why the play of Helen of Troy wa B not oftener performed bv the Spanish conquerors in America was on account of the cheapness of women there. But while enjoying the luxurious hospitality of the Cakchiquel capital, with a world to give for a new sensation, Alvarado's eye fell on the beautiful Suchil,^ wife of King Sinacam. ' ' Diciendolee, qu6 adonde iban, i que eran locos, sine que me dejasen k mi ir a Hh, i que toaos me darian Guerra.' Alvarado^ Helackm, i. After five hours of unavailing attempts to gain possession of the stronghold, the enraged Alvarado set fire to the place.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. Dishonesty the Best Policy — Pedrarias Stigmatized — ^His Authority Cur- tailed — Quevedo in Spain — He Encounters Las Casas — The Battle of the Priests — Oviedo Enters the Arena — Business in Darien — The Interoceanic Road Again — Its Termini — Pedrarias and Espinosa at Panamd — The Licentiate Makes another Raid — The Friars of St Jerome have their Eye on Pedrarias — The Cabildo of Antigua Shakes its Finger at Him — Continued Attempts to Depopulate the North Coast — Albites Builds Nombre de Dios — Lucky Licentiate— Arrival and Death of Lope do Sosa — Oviedo Returns and Does Battle with the Dragon — ^And is Beaten from the Field 460 CHAPTER XIV. There miffht be lacking gold, or pearls, or provender, but selaom was a people found so poor that they could not furnish the army a liberal supply of ^' About the middle of May, aocording to the Gakchiquel nuumscript, Bemal IMaz states that Ohnedo preadied the ffospel to the Indians, and c^e- brated mass on an altar which they erected. In some respects it was the Israelitish ta Je reversed, for Sinacam was by no means a poor man in respect of women, nor was Suchil his only ewe lamb. The brave defenders appear to have escaped, thanks to the heavy rain and the proximity of the sur- rounding woods. Now, Alva-^ rado a little later in this campai^ states that he had 150 infimtry, 100 horse, and 5000 or 6000 Indian aoxilianes.

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Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Departure of Vasco Nofiez from Antigua — Careta's Welcome— Difficulties to be Encountered — ^Treacherous Character of the Country — His- torical Bloodhounds — Ponoa Reconciled — Capture of Quarequ A — First View of the Pacific from the Heights of Quarequi — ^The Spaniards Descend to Chiapes — ^Take Formal Possession of tiie South Sea — Form of Taking Possession — The Names South Sea and Pacific Ocean— ^Further Discoveries — Perilous Canoe Voyage — Gold and Pearls in Profusion — Tumaoo Pacified — The Pearl Islands — The Return — Teoca*s Kindness — Ponca Murdered — Pocorosa Pacified — Tubanamd Vanquished — Gold, Gold, Gold — Panciaoo's Congratula- tions — ^Arrival at Antigua « 358 CHAPTER X. Gold was then demanded, and yet ^ One witness at the trial of Al Tarado in 152S-9 states that he heard this person was a sister of the king, but from the statement contained in the charge, and supported by many witnesses, it can only be inferred that she was one of the wives of the monarch. Brasseur de Bourbourg's version is that Suchil was the wife of one of the highest dignitaries of the crown. Alvarado refused the prayer but not the ofl Fering. While receiving at Patinamit, after the Zutugil campaign, the fealty of numerous chieftains of the southern coast provinces, Alvarado was told that the district of Itzcumtlan^ defied him. This menace had the desired eflfect; the cacique and his chiefs submitted and swore obedience, and during the eight days Alva- rado remained in this place a number of the surround- ing towns sent in their allegiance.